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Y BontOur goal is to provide an insight into the Afan Valley, it’s people, heritage, landscape, culture, and fisheries. We do not attempt to be experts in any of these areas, but hope that this site and the accompanying forum will provide some incentive to read/view the other sources referenced throughout.


Gelli Cottages

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Richard Burton homeThe photos on this site came from a variety of sources, including relatives, friends, and my own snapshots. The older photos were in print, film/negative, or slide/positive format, and some might even have been emulsion-on-glass negatives; They were scanned for use here and elsewhere.


If you have related photos to contribute, feel free to attach them to a message in our forum. The only caveat is that they must be your own work, or you must have approval from the copyright holder to post them here.

Several Google maps have been created to add clarity to the locations of various points of interest mentioned on this site; The maps are linked on related pages of this site.